colossal squid rotating hookS

Very like a whale, eh Sire?
Male Colossal Squid

Devour'd by Female Colossal Lover
whose fifty feet long

and Mister Whale comething along Old bull
arrives Antartic waters deep cold oxygen depths

water shelf a crystal maze shell cold

Mister Whale of antiquity

probing honecomby maze navigate under roof blocks air
passageway to flight where is the air?
O Eye of Old?

Sea Monster LoverJaw scallops

yer twenty thousand leagues under
Mister Lautreomont bearing south
with 30, 000 ships
trafficing over the seas each
day where does the Bull go
Bull go, where O Shark?
O Bull of Whale Levithan of Abyss
Sperm Whale heading for deeps
shallows are shaky his sonar sensing 1600 feet away
seoemthing is outntthere
for 80 years around around
globing O giant
half amilllion deep dives
greenland to the anatartic

cape horn
tallest mountains
monsters of the abyss
taken on

Oceana oddyssee ends atth threshold of surface world
OddYSee a beach

for the first time feels hisown weight
its god eye stillS when he dies
sired over 60 offspring
80 years

O the ancient of day met the Kraken Kraken Kraken
'esonychoteuthis hamiltoni
fearsome squid 12 metered length

—longer than a whale
a whale longer to die
its death
a breadth to Levithan's hoop
ing tendrils
sea bed

the depther
charge life & breath

the Oedipal boomer encounts
the AnoEdipal ridge
of cupping