Will you sing Antioedipus?

You sang and were silenced. Silenced, were silenced.

You sand.

Prose Poems. Those who have power and withold the key s to publi cation.

the desire to repress.

press to death with ill-well, good-well.

hammered yer face to .

I zing the place said Antioedipus

I zing I zong

I zing

looking for formations to make

shape the unshapeable chaos. 'asyntactic agrammatical... flow break.' she pretends not to write him because she pretends to be free she is not free she is not confident will never be she is a honey bee not a honey hasbeen it is not the way to be to be independent -- that is the false state

she want s to have my kid

no kidding baba black sheep said the guy from the cross

the forces of repression rushed in blocking the blog.