les marges

That the anomalous is the borderline makes it easier for us
to understand the various positions it occupies in relation to
the pack or the multiplicity it borders, and the various positions
occupied by a fascinated Self...In any event, the pack has a
borderline, and an anomalous position, whenever in a given space
an animal is on the line or in the act of drawing the line in relation to
that which all the other members of the pack will fall into one
of two halves, left or right : a peripheral poisition
, such that it is
impossible to tell if the nomalous is still in the band, already outside
the band, or at the shifting boundary of the
band. ... D&G .... how like so much in life

margins and margarine sliding pool or rather puddle of signifieds....

poets as tribe filiations but we must break molds
not carry over
repeats and repatriations of paranoias
excluses machines delirantes.


do not go gentle in

the slide of my body over yours.

"sweet heart"



Je pense. I think Fictions one is over. But over? what is over, only those who have money and power, who dictate the terms of dictation. What poet for a poet is over? and they smile so condescendingly to us.

even those us of us who're them. them.