are We

...Are we to speak about Fitzgerald's and Lowry's alcoholism, Nietzsche's and Artaud's madness while rem...aining on the shore? Are we to wish o....nly tha....t those who have be....en struck down do not abuse themselves too much? Are we to take up collections and create special journ...al issues? Or s....hould we go a short way further to see for ourselves, be a little alco....holic, a little crazy, a little suicidal, a little of a gu....erilla--just enou....gh to extend the crack, but not enough to deepen it irremediably?.....

its odd to speak about being a little of this and a little of that. its more like we become a little bit of this

a n d then a little more of that.

and you shake it to the left
you shake it to the right
you do the hippy hip shake with all of your might now babaaaaaaaaaabyeeeeeeeeeeeee