for between


Antioedipus buckling a belt. Shoo! Mona's pedestrian rambles encounter any day
another period and a place between two, a placid knocking and waking. Chooses a place  wishes hence to glow. A ring around a stellar becoming she metamorphose the lifting winch.

Careful to seize its fearful call ~ A pull-down train  the whooshing sound of riverback feeling. She holding Antigone to her fare weather the cumbersome note. A coat for vision a finesse a vizier visor around a sunbeam. 

                          Wld. a disjunctive machine fit here?

                                                                                          She weaves a pace of becoming

Of I the 14 verses it's not always understood the road, the azaleas, the flower of a case. She wanders
to its bit beginning.