Deleuze & Guattari Love Henry

-------------------------- in the real world of desire and disappointment----------------------------___________________________________________________
The phantasmal world is the world that has never been fully conquered over. It is the world of the past, never of the future.

To move forward clinging to the past is like dragging a ball and chain.”
- Henry Miller, Sextus

I’m reading Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia on the heels of a lot of work on Hölderlin, my favorite German schizophrenic next to Nietzsche.

desire is Productive: Why Deleuze & Guattari Love Henry Miller



Usually at year’s end, we’re supposed to look back at events just passed -- and forward, in prediction mode, to the year to come. But just look around you! This moment is so extraordinary that it has hardly registered. People in thousands of communities across the United States and elsewhere are living in public, experimenting with direct democracy, calling things by their true names, and obliging the media and politicians to do the same.
The breadth of this movement is one thing, its depth another. It has rejected not just the particulars of our economic system, but the whole set of moral and emotional assumptions on which it’s based. Take the pair shown in a photograph from Occupy Austin in Texas. The amiable-looking elderly woman is holding a sign whose computer-printed words say, “Money has stolen our vote.” The older man next to her with the baseball cap is holding a sign handwritten on cardboard that states, “We are our brothers’ keeper.”---------