a flute


 now what is a computer? what is a com what is a com what is what's puter? puter is what reputer is a computer?
its reputed to be a machine / a machine /lachine la chine la Chine la China  in the middle   in the midst in the midst in the medea in the media res 

____________________Come back go/back
computer what is a computer virtue?
 what is 'le virtue' as Nietzsche says it called it named it as virtue in the old strong sense.

Not that moralizing sense he  / not that nasal moralizing smart alec sense
                                                                                                                         what is a repute? an agencement assemblage as hurl the lines of the lassoes of light (the lines of flight) frigthen to their beckon in the secon' of its reckon   ~

__________________________We come back we'll back to come what is the puter? what is aputer? what is the calm putative pater of the computer? a word string ring its clock to the day of day by night as whence its  hither to its nearest  culvert   ~

                             _________________Anti heard a song Anti heard a come back
Anti zing the place he zing the place he zing the place he zing!