... has that ... day

______________You went to madhouse where the .alcoholics were .tired they were of drinking. however, you were schizio. yer prb. was the something else. what could 'they ' unknow with (the) decomposed field of addiction?

                An exemplary poem of wish and want. the coming of deinstitutionalization as when                  Guattari spoke at the Douglas Hospital.                               I t was a rainy day. the night was a warn woof.
I heard nothing after from paris. I cam e alive. end the therapy dictatorship. thousands let                    go from hospitals                       wanting and aimless in                            streets of Verdun and other poor working class distrcits.                          medicated                to the eyeball                            an arse.

____________Mona moves out of the alcoholic territory. Tired of hearing her own talk. yes, indeed. she is.

  • drug addicts ruin everything they're not compliant 
deinstitutionalization was a cruel example of deterritorialization

A ... has that ... day