------------ Antioedipus talks to to the schizoanalyst Mona shares her wealth.....

------------Antioedipus talks to  to the schizoanalyst
Mona shares her wealth. Her figures

are becoming figures of becoming
speech. Thus the pedal of thought.

Anti goes home. Jerks off fucks Frreud's wife
Mama! Mama! he's hearing Sister Maria Buttocks and the white moth of roses
rogue prosed by her darling posies and.

Change your Earl her cried. 

The pharmacist was too cute, trying so hard. She wanted. To become Someone else _ the astronaut pehraps a millionaire in outer space working off the dead rancor and resentment he'd created for the poor of his county? his petty fleur deflag was shit on the epoxy gown of determination and the blustering of clowns in out er space and the limits of time. Not a quantum that was, and not possibly a quantum leap,

but a black Hole of the worst sort: 

a rich man's asshole in the spiderdawn of time