t'racking poetic_ praxi s

: tracking trading:

Blake knew this so did Whitman. That's why Leaves of Grass is loved by Guattari. And Gilles raved about it.

Joyce recited passages by heart. One does fit poetry
in_ it fits things around itself creating its own field or plain/plane
of energy and life.
Blogs do that and so do other media or vehicles.

Whatever the vehicule shapes the content the expression is free to flow with its own means. of travel.
_____________________O'hara says somewhere a poem ought to fit like a good of jeans! he was being hilariously jaunty!

_______________What ever works for you! however it works. but maybe not for others.
Dont totalize yer own asStheTics. mind your ChaosMosis . Of lo_______V E machine

dada knew that of course and all artists not stymied by formalist trappings know this,
and do it.