tracking trading

____________Poet sees with his Ears/InSide an Out
I think you are tracking along here' fine but why match what does not need/or want to ? Go back to Antioedipus reading the section about non-totalizable wholes and missing parts that dont fit and never will___________ start in the middle 'run' with camber to the next intensity and section of the strata. the pieces Do Not Fit. Nor are they meant to.

They are not totalizebale. Nor the does the Whole subsume its parts. the whole is merely but always yet another part

__________ the part that is missing is fine. just great becoming lost, adrift a quarter run to the Outside...

think of deleuze's
essay about wolfson
thEe wolfguist!

be aphasiac
my schizoS!
find her lips!

Part 2: of sand

testimony // lesson

_________ A literary critical application to Hart Crane

was done by Brian Reed

in an essay that beautiful use the notion





Hart Crane's Victrola. Modernism / Modernity 7.1 (Jan. 2000): 99-125.