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Personafictatives of delire de lire to read of read yes the falling water of
Word is out Ghost of Deleuze and Guattari and en personne le clandestine Eric Allieze will be there at your dissertation defence. Almost Doctorat Doctor le Différence Docteur Duffee Duffee is that the le peintre? Oh my Word O mon dieux ! en deux dieux . Defence for the defenestrater! et non pas les défenestrations. Defence defenestrations et , non Or, or yes, yes Or gold Or Ok.
so say defence d'or deleuze guattari milton waste land paradise lost eliot eloquence revision d i v i s i o s n s. Not quite a Parasol de Parsifal, eh, Non!
Duffy: when is the defence
Deleuze Prof. Challenger : as Monsieur Ritournelo
Felix: Ask Clifford.

___________ Seem you 'got to spelll épelez? pliez? is that It Alliez? on va allez alliez.

Well we have no A/O on hand!
O mY Dieuz en deux!
Quelle Effluence Défense revanche a ces hanches!
He wants to hold her hanches!





______________ Exit stage right blogger, fatigue, work, almost. not undone reterritorialize et deterritorialize .

Go to Sleep Stu_dent[as indent indent indentindent you fool!] Duff yer brain is a cendre de feu fatigue .

Je suis pas étudiant ni

ue just
justee poète ....

Sweet Lady Mrs Assemblage send
[go to his futon with
yer legs spread
him to his futon toute-de-suite s'il te plait ~ .

s'il vous plaît

word was out lit & burned its semblance ember ~