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"A deliberately poetic vocabulary, a record of

ideas incompatible with common speech, would be a
different matter, however. The world of appearances
is complicated, and language has only verbalized a
miniscule part of its potential, indefatigable
combinations. Why not create a word, only one, for
the converging perception of the cow bells announcing
day's end and the sunset in the distance? Why not
invent another for the dilapidated and threatening
face of the streets at dawn? And another for the
well-meaning though pitifully ineffectual, first
streetlamp to go on at dusk while it is still light
out? And another for our lack of trust in ourselves
after we have done wrong?" (JLB, 1926)

There is no whole self. Any of life's
present situations is seamless and sufficient.
Are you, as you ponder these disquietudes, anything
more than an indifference gliding over the argument
I make, or an appraisal of the opinions I expound?"
(Jorges Louis Borges, 1922)

Deleuze from the film made with Claire Parnet _L' ABCdaire __ summarized by Professor Charles Stivale.
The section I have excerpted is near the end of the Letter A_ Deleuze expanads expounds on barbaric words, words coined from other words... the secret sources of philosophical terms...

"Moreover, one must consider behavior in the territory as the domain of property and ownership, territory as "my properties" in the manner of Beckett or Michaux. Deleuze here digresses slightly to discuss the occasional need in philosophy to create "mots barbares", barbaric words, even if the word might exist in other languages, some terms that he and Guattari created together. In order to reflect on territory, he and Guattari created "deterritorialization" (Deleuze says that he has found an English equivalent of "the deterritorialized" in Melville, with "outlandish"). In philosophy, he says, the invention of a

barbaric word is sometimes necessary to take account of a new notion: so there would be no territorialization without a vector of leaving the territory, deterritorialization, and there's no leaving the territory, no deterritorialization, without a vector of reterritorialization elsewhere. In animals, these territories are expressed and delimited by an endless emission of signs, reacting to signs (e.g. a spider and its web) and producing signs (e.g. a wolf track or something else), recognized by hunters and trackers in a kind of animal relationship.Here Parnet wonders if there is a connection between this emission of signs, territory, and writing. Deleuze says that they are connected by living an existence "aux aguets", "être aux aguets," always being on the lookout, like an animal, like a writer, a philosopher, never tranquil, always looking back over one's shoulder. One writes for readers, "for" meaning "à l'attention de," toward them, to their attention. But also, one writes for non-readers, that is, "for" meaning "in the place of," as did Artaud in saying he wrote for the illiterate, for idiots, in their place. Deleuze argues that thinking that writing is some tiny little private affair is shameful; rather, writing means throwing oneself into a universal affair, be it a novel or philosophy. Parnet refers parenthetically to Deleuze and Guattari's discussion of Lord Chandos by Hoffmanstahl in A Thousand Plateaus. Deleuze says that writing means pushing the language, the syntax, all the way to a particular limit, a limit that can be a language of silence, or a language of music, or a language that's, for example, a painful wailing (cf. Kafka's Metamorphosis). Deleuze argues that it's not men, but animals, who know how to die, and he returns to cats, how a cat seeks a corner to die in, a territory for death. Thus, the writer pushes language to the limit of the cry, of the chant, and a writer is responsible for writing "for", in the place of, animals who die, even by doing philosophy. Here, he says, one is on the border that separates thought from the non-thought."

___ Think of the territory of love, desire at a distance __ the language of blogs __ the space of a page blog ___one medium shaping over and twisting another.

bodies in a distance an insuperable one of mis_placed desire

these days aside or beside being an artist __ worker producer i am working on this 'document' __ about Paradise Lost

and the __ mostly the concept of territory and monotheism __
thinkin thinkin yer thinkin like ink aroun dyer scrappage
and I am also thinkin' a lot about the desire-machines __ how does one take a reactive machine and convert it into
a working part of one's productive faculties __?

think of Salvadore Dali and how he turned his own paranoia into the , what he called the paranoid-critical method __ or
artists shaping their folly into a method ___

Sour Orange becomes edible celery__

a little problem I have is __ I dont eat __ I have food in the fridge but leave it there __ I stay at the writing machine overtime __

Oranges 've gone bad in my fridge __ thinkin' of you__the writingmachine becomes a lover writing machine __ O Desire!
of ten strengths!

O lyre
O continent

__ it's easy to make lyric poems that have no context or float around in the air _ but what happens when you have
big earth pounders only say 200 yards from yer workroom and the shaking and pounding stops you from making sentences
about territory and Satan and monotheism and the stupid world never stops __ imagine doing this in a war zone?
impossible __ for some

these 'earthPounder things' are used to bash holes in the ground
so as to Build I suppose condominiums as they're called __
gulag buildings for the future __

'they bash us with gramophones'
I wrote once at the end of a poem __

art poetry are always possible but may not always
be necessary

'every author creates from a true necessity' Tristan Tzara said this in the 1918 Dada manifesto__ almost 100 years ago gone.

Interesting __ anguish of contradiction __ Love at a body
at a distance __
permissive forbidden fruit
Adam A and Eve B
years later __


this is not the film which is resumed aBLove.
wonderous wonderfully.

this is
Gilles Deleuze a Vincennes 1980 _ Lignes des Fuites et lignes de Vie


1980 wld. be the period between the publication of Antioedipus (vol. 1 of
Captialism and Schizophrenia and One Thousand Plateaus _ the latter
being Volume 2.)

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La bêtise
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