the|Le Roi des Coeurs_ bedlam bivouac

"the...patient resumption (not Assumption Anti) of the process, or on the contrary its interruption _ (can you see the Virgin Mary's Assumption being cut off? as she havers to heaven cloud lifted by a lung bitch?)__ the two are so closely inter-related that they can only be evaluated each within the other.

"how would the schizo's voyage _ dig Lenz and others _ Jesse Watkins, now that was a mad voyage_ but what others smash'd batter'd riipped apart by the mental healthy system? _ some voyage! eh, more like a Celine novel smashed apart by the hates of life,the punishments_ not a squeaky journey to the South Seas_ but the line of flight gutter'd and beaten to the ground ___ So to resume How could the schizo's voyage be possible independent of certain circuits, how could it exist without a

( a place to land, a territory a home some place to crash, eh? _ gotta a place to crash said Jill, hugging her copy of AntiOedipus __ and __
I need a body to borrow _ can I lend yours to me?)

round and round we go the land the land the landing the landing the landing s disembarkations

Her arm and bracelet are sore. she call. she say death be a wicky name to me and the rope rhythm come again over its heading name ___ ____ .

But___in_versEly _