of sometimes_the Full Body of the Earth

Of sometimes joy

... As foR the schizo... Mona cutting back her body two sided giant gaited .... continually wandering about,,, street walking when can, not pilled, shocked by the therapists of .... wandering around migrating


and everywhere as best she can, _ when she can or forced, to wander,
kicked out deinstitutionlized, _ what came first, eh>? O Fanny farmer of schizoidoidal land hunkering in new York cold ___ she plunges further and further into
the realm
of deterritorialization___ Reaching the _ oh OR thrown

Yes Thrown _ the further farthest limits of the decomposing

of the Socius on the surface of his own Body without Organs.

These peregrinatiOns

and he is pUnished for it

He is shocked pulled and pilledd
the real schizos not the fakery ones

It might be between these peregrinations these thrust on the street walks
hes discovering the silent earth

of the Full Body of the Earth