of there or then sailed Anti his forth went fourth
on the petal of escape its wandering tooth his song
lover mother gone in the splay of rage anger's delire

a reading to death's do us parting cut curtains wake

and history's nave , a broken wake, to war war, war, war
more of it each hour. of this earth's mistake,
a muddle to bear drifts and wrongs
the guns blast,(inexplicable lore) inexplicable ways, the armies
(by now) sawed off their shot guns
jam hair waves tatter in the smash of their firing.

because he was the unforgiven one
forgone, and the unrepentant two
he was a coward of desertion disrepute his song
its only wrong his body a murdering waif,
what would she know of this,
his daughter mother , Antigone walked along.
The accidental charms and rhymes a charm of his char,
a something or other in the pay of his debt,
a legal sort of tender of penance and peanuts,
a contrite lover's wrong to his beloved, her mother
wept womb to his long thronging fingers of failure,
and their other one and two , three but four a door.


of this child he 'll always be your voice
your prose again the lips of your chin
lean into him, a
right wretched sonnet to the bell wether
its ringing in the wear along blessing


she was his body page,
a crazed sex darling
some fantasm of
veiled .