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and 'desiring machines only work when they break down, and they are continually breaking down...'

'I am not appealing for any man's verdict, I am only imparting knowledge. I am only making a report. To you, honoured Members of the Academy, I have only made a report.' K 7

Prof DaddioDeleuze& Analyst Guattari go on to say ' A writer isn't a writer-man; he is a machine-man, and an experimental man (who thereby ceases to be a man in order to become an apre or a beetle, or a dog, or mouse, a becoming-animal, a becoming-inhuman, since it is actually through voice and through sound and through a style that one becomes an animal, and certainly
the force of sobriety . '

'Metaphors are one of the things that make me despair of literature .' Diaries , 1921_Kafka.

Schizo-politeness, a drunkeness caused by water. K 26

'Art is a mirror, which goes 'fast,' like a watch - sometimes.' K 28. Think of Dali's Melting Watch .

What are the components of this literary machine, of Kafka's writing, or expression, machine?
One component is the letters. In what ways do they belong to the oeuvre? In fact, Kafka's work is not defined by a publishing intention. Kafka evidently did not thinki of publishing his letters; quite the contrary, he thought of destroying everything he wrote as thought it were all like letters.
If the letters really are a part of the work, it is because they are an
indispensable gear, a motor part for the literary machine as Kafka conceeives of it even if this machine is destined to disappear or explode to a degree comparable to the machine of the Penal Colony.

Impossible to conveive of Kafka's machine without it involving
an epistolary aspect.
Perhaps it is as a function of the ltetters, of the demands, of their potentials and their insuffiencies,
that the other other pieces will be assembled.

The letters are a rhizome, a network, a spider's web. There is a vampirism in the letters, that is specifically epistolary. K 28-9

Kafka:Toward a minor literature. trans. Dana Polan

Thus : Dear one I am dead without your .

Signed and dead sign _ Writer of words and pens.

As always 'all mywords are on parole'