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Did I ever tell you the story of how Guattari once met Bloom, in Paris, by accident and the only person missing was Derrida, and then guess who came sauntering dully along, but Jean Genet who'd never read either of these dudes, right? like you know, and they both were struck with Amaze . He stood there cause (He Jean Genet) like he sort of knew of Felix 'cause of Foucault right? and then guess what? like I was standing there right and Genet comes over to me takes my hand in his, kisses it, and lleaves, muttering to the wind as he ambled off,
my son, my son.

"Partly from encountering wisdom, I have to say I have no wisdom"

An interview with Harold Bloom

Harold Bloom, Ieva Lesinska

An interview with Harold Bloom
Since then he 's published

Jesus and Yahweh

The Names Divine

Later right, Kathy A. calls me saying desire-machine baby where are you?
you're my well-wrought urn, and I want to have sex with you, and
the hand Jean Genet kissed. So she did and breathed my hand
right up inside her you know what, and
She stuck her s up you know what
and shook her hand
and then we realized Harold was sweet and was afraid. and Aren't we all afraid ?

Immancne and the gods of multiplicty protect my balls.

The world is a chaosmosis and that dont necessarily mean it s
comfortable. Right Kathy A. I said, and she said O
Yer My Velvet boy King Prince. I said I am yer sex object,
and she said Nah, I am yer sex subject and so it was

we were sex subjecting each other. speaking of
Shakespeare in bed. and shamans.
we shook across the narrow end of her bed.
she conceived that nite.
the lightening struck.
the thunder ricocheted across the window.
In Paris.