It must be said that it is the world itself which lays traps
of distance and identification for us. There are
many neurotics and lunatics who do not let go
of us until they have managed to reduce
us to their state, pass us their poison, hysterics,
narcissists, their contagion is insidious.

There are many doctors and scholars
who offer us a santized scientific observation,
who are also true lunatics, paranoiacs.

One must resist both of the traps, the one
which offers us the mirror of contaminations
and identifications, and the one
which points out to us the observation
of the understanding.
We can only assemble among assemblages.

Dialogues with D and Parnet

Compare the elegance of catatonia __ its painful elegance, its petrified elegance, the pain of 'catatonic bodies sunk' in the river... at least the catatonic does not attempt to pass her sickness on. it is we who make them sick.