the di

Mona upset? Antioedipus deprived!?
not for a molecule's instant of moo moo
mother's milk the anaoedipal lover of bodies and strong

antioedipus is the didactic blogto some eXteNt

over at the other fictions its a different story
fractious narrative of desire, dingo, and night.
ningo. difference. leper. when is the book coming out?
in the spring. nope they deferred it to autumn.
and the manuscript safely in their hands.locked.
keys. doors. windows. barred. books hooked.
feet tarred and strapped. space suit on. sex.
cabineted. radio off. close to . Orff. Carmina
Burana. bananna. Kurt Schwitters. other.
publisher. holds ransom. poet. capture.
keeps. lock escape. as sister. excape.