a body is brok _en .

'the artist ... is quite incapable of creating a people, each can only summon it with all his strength....' (WiP 110)... strength to

in the sands of hate indifference.

discretion 's always been the better part of love
valour's nothing to do with
any of it .

the savage territory ripping off 'my' face
which was a mask bought to you
who won't go away

because you conspire against
what you want

beause that is what murderers do
the plot of their story is trying to do you in.

go puff of smoke
electric wind

'Savage formations are oral, are vocal, but not because they lack a graphic system: a dance on the earth, a drawing on a wall, a mark on the body are a graphic system, a geo-graphism, a geography ' A/O 188

graphed to this body
that you murdered.
mother the words mother
lover knew it knew
the lie was there
could smell it sense
knew before the words
came forth
shrive me the other
says their guilt a possession of territory
to kill the beloved imagined object

'It is not because everyone is suspected, in advance, of being a
future bad debtor; the contrary would be closer to the truth'
A/O 189

' "And in punishment there is so much that is festive!"' A/O 189
d&g quoting Nietzsche.

As flies to wanton boys
they kill us for their sport

dear WS shrove this pun
ishment pain
so many bodies punished in the distance
of your f_cked out


thanks for the memories.

let is now forgetting the machine pissing and sptting you sucked him? too and she you? oh really thanks
for the totalization and the sponateous misquote of yer crappy verse of yer perverse flowers in the shit?
was that verse of above the waves the shite flooded
the night

I knew, you fool. Even before .
you said a word.
Was I brought to such sewers to
eat yer shit? taste yer arse?
Come now
speak light
not with adjective of shit's pile.

Lyric fuck that you are.
panting by the manic phone
of yer alilbi.

I knew.
because I am wise, and sage.

Serener than death.
Richer than dearth.

Unlike the Empire's bitchy places
and its bitches.

'The double alienation-labour-desire-is constantly increasing and deepening the difference in regime
at the heart of the identity of nature ...At the same time that death is decoded ...'A/O 337

You dont know what it means to have to move
when yer natural speed is fast.

when the means of production 're taken

but when the cancer hits yer turn . will.

or the breath. beast catchs yer . arse.
ee versee.

AntiOedipuS knew shit when he saw it moving far

far farther fur ther from it .

AntiOedipus is with Mona . always. is.