love that dares not speak its name

-- Looking For Sartre and his many lovers, his infidelity to deBeauvoir, her acceptance ofthe same. their choice to live it out... and so . And to be Him and have hundreds of thousands at yer grave. Deleuze says, He was my teacher Il etait mon professeur. Did I spell that right, I Son of Genet, Son of Miller? I love them all.

"The total enslavement of the beloved kills the love of the lover. The end is surpassed; if the beloved is transformed into an automaton, the lover finds himself alone. Thus the lover does not desire to possess the beloved as one possesses a thing; he demands a special type of appropriation. He wants to possess a freedom as freedom.

On the other hand, the lover can not be satisfied with that superior form of freedom which is a free and voluntary engagement. Who would be content with a love given as pure loyalty to a sworn oath? Who would be satisfied with the words, 'I love you because I have freely engaged myself to love you and because I do not wish to go back on my word.'

Thus the lover demands a pledge, yet is irritated by a pledge. He wants to be loved by a freedom but demands that this freedom as freedom should no longer be free.

He wishes that the Other's freedom should determine itself to become love--and this not only at the beginning of the affair but at each instant--and at the same time he wants this freedom to be captured by itself, to turn back upon itself, as in madness, as in a dream, so as to will its own captivity."

(Being and Nothingness 478-79)