Siblings and Doppelgangers: Schizoanalysis and Video Games

thesewonderful links to others doing work or havin' done with the ideas of Deleuze and Guattari _ I often wonder what Jill, Franny, and Mona look like -these are the characters in
  • Fictions D&G 2
  • . It would be interesting to have some visual idea of how they appear. Who knows what artist would do this? None of these images are text lay-outs are my own but are from the external above.

    I wonder if this is how Jill Deleuze looks? And Mona? How about Franny??????????/ I dont think they look like this.. one day I might see them.

    Siblings, sister-brother, self as sibling

    Questions dominant structure by removing the parental control structure.

    Allows for subversive (or simply different) readings of seemingly traditional texts through alternate structures

    Micro structure not necessarily tied to world structure because micro structure unreliable and fluid.

    Tension of equals; siblings

    Founded in parent, child, lack
    || mother, child, father

    Reaffirms dominant structure by insisting on the power and presence, even in absence, of the adult-parent formation.

    Minor structure reflects world or macro structure

    Tensions are romantic; sexualized