the Oedipal Cell

The Oedipal cell will have to complete its migration ... it must no longer be content to pass from the state of the displaced represented to that of repressing representation ... rather, from being the repressing representation, it will have to finally become the representative of desire itself ... And it must become the latter by virtue of being the disp...laced So.....metimes he felt an irrestible urge to carry out whatever project he happened to be hatching in his head, and then he made the most horrible fac....es... Once he was sitting next to Oberlin, the cat was lying opposite him on a... chair.... Suddenly his eyesbecamefixed, he kept th..em riveted upon th....e animal..t..hen slowly he slipped of...f his chair, likewise the cat; it seemed to be spellbound by his gaz...e, grew immensely frightened, ...arched and bristled its back in terror, Lenz making catlike sounds, his face, ghastly, distorted...as though in desperation they hurled themselves at each other, till at last Madame Oberlin rose to seperate th...em.. T..hen again he was deeply ashamed of himself ... His noturnal torments increased terri...bly.. ArtAud Le MoMo ... It was only with the greatest difficulty that he could go to sleep at all after first trying to fill the terrible voidnow I am dizzy with the thought of all the wisdom and the fam...e of battles broken by his hands... of st......ories builded by his words tthat are like coloured Asian birds At evening in their rainless lands Our disease ...is consciousness ... end-Socratism ... end-Hamletism... Consciousness turned in on itself, questioning itself, dou...bting, distrusting itself .... With Hamlet Western Culture suffers its first major defeat:....There is never any solution to ....a problem except time ....Inasmuch as I fail to ...understand your Hamletizing let me point out also that you also fail to understand my Chinaf...ying. It becomes necessary for me to once again elucidate my thoughts abotu China. China, to put it to you as simply ...as possible, is an imaginary realm to which I as an artisthave made a miraculous escape. ...He flees to an ima....ginary China (hasn't the artist always done this)where th....e changeless man resides ... His voice is heard above the wrack of doom_ joyous and prophetic. ... O ignoble contagion of the depressives, neurosis as the only illness consisting in making others ill the permissive structure let me deceiverob slaughter kill! but in the name of the social order, and so daddy-mommy will be proud of mel the double direction given to ressentiment, the turning back against oneself, and the projection against the Other; LenzLenz's stroll, NijInSkKYinsky's stroll, the promenades...We are free to think that there is finally even less dish...honesty in pyschoanalysis than in the established literature
since the neurotic pure and simple
produces a solitary work,
irresponsible, illegible, nonmarketable,
which on the contrary must pay not only to be read,
but to translated and reduced

SHe makes at least an economic error, an error in tact,
does not spread his values. Artaud puts it well :
All writing is so much pigshit __
that is to say __ any literature that itself as an end or sets ends for itself, instead of being a process that
"ploughs the crap of being and its language,"
transports the weak, the aphasiacs, the illiterate.
At least spare sublimation.
Every writer is a sell-out.
The only literature is that which places ....
Artaud is the fulfillment of liteature, precisely because he is schizophrenic and not because he is not. It has been a long time he broke down the wall of the signifier:Artaud the Schizo.
Lenz _Buchner