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few, if any of those who've written about A/O have considered the role Miller's ideas in the overall programme that D/G were creating.
it's easier to think about mad, drunk, drugged, dead writers who went off the deep end, and are sort of established on some hill, some mountain . It's safer to write about Artaud than Miller. __ Not that Kerouac fares any better. He is given hardly any mention either.

But think about Miller and his positive line of flight,
his 'always bright and cheerful'

right to the end

the old man

smiling and those last letters

the rapport he had with that Greek actress. is this not the positive in contrast to the bloated paranoid Kerouac. yes, great Kerouac.poor puffed out booze hound. Alcoholic, a diversion from the line, swung off into the perverse territorialities of Booze. A machine, that blew up in his face.

Whereas Miller __ he kept going, yes, perhaps less interesting as a writer. ________ but what is less interesting anyhow?

When first reading Antioedipus I came across the Hamlet letters went off read them and was blown away. Miller is as much a thinker and writer in his letters as in his books proper. this in itself is a deleuzianguattarian observation or link to__ the one they make about Kafka in their book. The question they ask is : what are the works of Kafka? and they include the letters, well, __ yes, yes. The K_writingmachine does include the Letters.

Well, to me the Hamlet correspondence is as vital as the Rosy Crucifixion and the early trilogy of Black Spring Cancer and Capricorn.

There are passages in all of Miller's books, __ that are so overwhelmingly beautiful it is hard to think anyone missed them.

I was reading some new stuff about Del and literature __ not a mention of Miller ____

So it goes, as Vonnegut says.

Miler in A/O

132, 269, 292 , 298-9, 315, 362, 370. page number refer back to the early english translation of Antioedipus. The China __ I am going to China references are mostly from the Hamlet correspondene.

There are two editions of that book, the first one, a big whapping tome of a book, and a second smaller. I heard Bern Porter speak about this one once when he spoke at a cafe.

In ATP/ there are more references. I am going to have to track them all down, I've never taken formal note of them. But do know them all and have followed them up previously.

Miller also wrote a translation of Season in Hell which was not completed but I think it's where Wallace Fowlie was inspired to do his version.

The business about being Polish in Plexus reads as if Miller had become Nietzsche. Nietzsche __ near the end _ when he'd gone 'mad' talks about being Polish. Polish as the alternative to being German.

The Poles as the in-between. Jarry situates Ubu Roi's kingdom in Poland __ which is [he says] ___ Nowhere. Nowhere, a space between __ . Between , always the between. In the middle of things, medias res. Start in the middle.

schizoanalysis cut cut cut coup coup coup

double articulation

Rock lobster.

Tropic of Capricorn...


that would suggest there are black holes
in 'learning'but

it does not have to be this way_there are other ways to perceive
the floods and movings on in Miller ~