this does not mean that we are attempting to make nature one of the poles of schizophrenia.
A/O 3

What an amazing line of thought

Here is Matt Lee on Desert Island

'Creation takes place in bottlenecks . . . A creator who isn't grabbed around the throat by a set of impossibilities is no creator. A creator's someone who creates their own impossibilities and thereby creates possibilities.' (133)

'Appearing' is the bottleneck for me, a word that, taken in its singularity as verb, chokes the air from my lungs, causes the stammering response that follows. How do I take Deleuze, how do I take 'Negotiations'? Twice a day, along with the anti-biotics perhaps. Taking it to take me elsewhere. First, though, the book.

Follow the link for the rest of the article/ For a start though, I do not agree with Matt that most 'of these are off the cuff' but be that as it may... follow the link.