speaks for himself .. its delightful and interesting to see how Celine sits|

his hands/ weigh heavy downward ( i cld. go on about this in related ways but ill leave it fr another time/ which rhymes with time/}

the great writer as the reactive force of the delire and its racist formations yes, this is heavy slogging in his work .. but between those terrible fantasms lie the hundred and more of rapturous escapes deterritorritalzing the molar moment of stratifictation and paranoia___ a 'real' paranoia that is wrongly informed of its true enemy.
____________________ a great writer indeed is often reactive. whether to right ((in Celine's instance) or to the left _______which also has its stratafications no less dangerous  in the lives of writers and their followers (think of Neruda's Stalinist moment agains the Trotskyist flight)the Lennist formation deterritoralizing versus the vast paranoid and very real machine of the Stalinist  conquest and destruction of whole peoples and their nations_____

 Real problems in a real world ______________________

 Not metaphors but machines real ones.