~ my brother Rimbaud, who is a girl

--- Dear Ariane, my brother Rimbaud, who is a girl, asked me to send
you a message, because she is weeping day and night now,
she asked me to send you this message,

"there is no castration, there is none, that is the point of the
movement started by others, and she, Ariane and the others are
deluded and deceiving the Others of the Other, she is like so many a
good meaning but wrong, maybe dangerously in errance to be passing
on such doctrine. It is not her fault, that she does not understand
what she is saying and doing. God bless her, but God help her
clients, whoever they are, even more. Lastly, I suggest that she and
her fellow priests quit their profession."

I know it sounds nuts, but she was sobbing and crying for days after
she read what you said, and also some of the others . Rimbaudboyo is
a homeosexual who is not into homo castrato, so she would not bear
the sort of theory and doctrine you are spreading.

I am her only self that speaks in a normal language and I was a
student of another sort of thinking, but anyhow. I had to say this
to get it off my chest. No hard feelings, .

O PPS I might as well say, I am not homosexual. But what does it
matter, it is not necessarily, like somethng in the family.