Bust or AntiOeDiPus

Anti-Oedipus or bust
A reading pursuit in the Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge.

2nd May:(This is past)
Anti-Oedipus Part 3, Sections 1 & 2 “The Inscribing Socius” and  “The Primitive Territorial Machine.”
(But the idea is not Past (us yet) ).

9th May: ______________________(this too is gone _gone)
AO Part 3, Sections 4 & 5 “The Problem of Oedipus” and “Psychoanalysis and ethnology.”

___________________________Aye! yet that idea too is not over nor done with    ~.

16th May: (This was 2 days ago~! which seems like centuries)

AO Part 3, Sections 5 & 6  “Territorial Representation”, “The barbarian despotic machine” and Jensen, Casper B.
And Rodje, Kjetil (2010) “Introduction” to Deleuzian Intersections: Science, technology, anthropologyJensen and Rodje (eds) Berghan Books: New York, Oxford. Pp1-35.

23rd May:
_________________________This is coming in the future which aint so far. Far . So Far. So further to farther yet not here in its now .

Sections 7, 8 & 9 Barbarian or imperial representation”. “The Urstaat” and “The civilized capitalist machine.”

6th June:-----------------------------------------(June is a boon yet to arrive)
Section 10 “Capitalist representation.”

13th June:
Section 11 “Oedipus at last” and Anti-Oedipus Part 4, Section 1 “The social field”.

20th June: ________________________(This is between surgeries ) (yet cant be in Cambridge)

Section 2
“The molecular unconscious.”  ----------(One of the most exciting sections of the book )

And Biehl and Locke (2010) “Deleuze and the Anthropology of Becoming” Current Anthropology, 51:3 Pp 317-51.

27th June:----------------------------------(June is the Moon of restless summer)

Sneath, David (2008). “The Headless State in Inner Asia: Reconsidering kinship society and the discourse of tribalism”, chapter 5 of 
Hierarchy edited by Rio and Smedal, Berghan. Pp143-173.  Supplementary reading: review “Treatise on Nomadology,” A Thousand Plateaus. W h i c h is another book entirely   ~ /

(They will meet)  ____We will meet Mondays,  (Looks fun an  good wish I could be there with Me. )12-1 in room 2.3, the Department of Social Anthropology, Free School Lane, with the aim of reading Part Three of Anti-Oedipus, by hook or by crook. 

This part of AO draws heavily on anthropology. (It does indeed yes sir ) At times we will pair reading of this with anthropological uses of, and responses to AO, or Deleuze more generally.

Photograph. Vernon Evans stands next to his car during a stop near Missoula in 1936. On the back of the car is written 'Anti-Oedipus or Bust' (the original photo had 'Oregon or Bust'). From the McComb railway museum.

  _____      ---------------------- check it out as it all ways good to upturn novel connecting    ~