different self

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teaches better than anyone  I know 
as he writes
he writes into his subject
as a result
into his reader  ~

 Voila___quelque mots de  son texte sur  le poète Hölderlin

The Rhythm of Your Different Self
Friedrich Hölderlin
Remarks on Oedipus and Antigone

What’s Hölderlin’s Commentary Got to Do with You?
(everything and nothing~!)
's titles
and subtitles
read like
little commentaries and
allusions to many
philosophical ideas.)

We might not realize it, but we are never who we are
We are always different from ourselves. 
In fact, difference is what makes us who we are. 
Rather than speaking of our ‘personal identity’, we might be better served to consider our ‘personal non-identity’. 
It is our not-being ourself, our always being internally different from ourselves. 
It is not that we are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where there are two conflicting sides of us that each expresses itself in different circumstances. 
It is something more profound.'

It is something more profound.'
__________It is __________