two tune

'When I was a child, I was, so to speak, in pieces; really a little schizo around the edges. I spent years trying to put myself back together again. My only thing was, I would pull myself along different pieces of realities in doing it.'

Felix Guattari (1995), Chaosophy, ed. Sylvere Lotringer, New York: Semiotext[e].

________________________________________ so yer chaos is undone by chaosmosis. as the deterritorialized flux. bends over time. capping the cold rent. it's not justice which speaking . desire. the truck ribbed by yer cage.


each mouth holding the haze.

enter the extra effort of peeing.

or some time Jill has frankincense burning her shell.

burnished by cockles maid forward the cunt rivered high. its her

leg awning breasting the knight. she's lesbic to her two tunes.


then it might lift her shoulder.

hand goes to phone. she calling ringing.

its the tzara effect of her naked clothes off.

they are threesome to his willy-nilly.