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That is

what style is, or rather the absence of style—asyntactic, agrammatical:
the moment when language is no longer defined by what it says, even
less by what makes it a signifying thing, but by what causes it to move,
to flow, and to explode—desire. For literature is like schizophrenia: a
process and not a goal, a production and not an expression.
_____________ AS Jill is absent from d'oeuvre and egg of primal quietude.


Jill Tied UpOn
Come to my expression machine ~

______________Oui R freee to penzer

We are free to think
that there is finally even less dishonesty in psychoanalysis than in the established
literature, since the neurotic pure and simple produces a solitary work,
irresponsible, illegible, and nonmarketable, which on the contrary must pay not
only to be read, but to be translated and reduced. He makes at least an economic
error, an error in tact, and does not spread his values. ___ She does not spreading her jam was the fanatic of fundamentalism arse pointing in fart air .||||||||

HUnCle - Not AntiArtaud
Artaud said it it well well welll it well: all
writing is so much pig shit—that is to say, any literature that takes itself as an
end or sets ends for itself, instead of being a process that "ploughs the crap of
being and its language," transports the weak, the aphasiacs, the illiterate. At least
spare us sublimation. Every writer is a sellout. The only literature is that which
places an explosive device in its package, fabricating a counterfeit currency,
causing the superego and its form of expression to explode, as. well as the
market value of its form of content.
But some reply: Artaud does not belong to the realm of literature, he is
outside it because he is schizophrenic. Others retort: he is not schizophrenic,
since he belongs to literature, and the most important literature at that, the
textual. Both groups hold at least one thing in common; they subscribe to the
same puerile and reactionary conception of schizophrenia, and the same
marketable neurotic conception of____________________________________________________
134 ANTI-______________________ Imagine she say
then with rancour
pouring cross her gulag lips
dont talk to moi that way again
but never did talk the way of that was her way to walk that dirty dark brown paranoiac

_____________________ fugh her gerelgious geegoollyologee

But these very
oppositions are singularly lacking in relevance. Artaud makes a shambles of
psychiatry, precisely because he is schizophrenic

and not because he is not.
Artaud is the fulfillment of literature, precisely because he is schizophrenic and
not because he is not. It has been a long time since he broke d
own the wall of the
signifier: Artaud the Schizo.||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Mona the marble on High between both