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This blog space yet another chunk, a bloc.. of the Fictions Jill, Franny, and Mona, a poetic..blogography of Deleuze and Guattari. The space of epistolary becomings,the chaosmosis of prose poetry. OnE ThoUsAnD BlOgss ~ William D and Mona G This blog is consisting of all sorts of platos and plaketoes. It has no shaken artisticaristotle in its throttle. Rent free dynamism. Text & some Images of this Blog©copyright 2004,5,6 Clifford Duffy.


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Jill was thiking of her old young pal: Jacquesdereader in the midst of things the rhizome dirts scattered in her faces and her bodies politcs and she Said one day to the Young DeReader: Read this and Believe I Abou Benny Deleuze have seen the end of matter the gulf of time and yer diamond legs baby.
So here was his freshman's textwest.

------------------- Jill must hold her nose. As hoses make no fardels in the oriental spruce deluxe of prose and its multilayer kinema. Ok? Okay. Then she was birched brimmed busted to her brooch. Her abroach was nevertheless plain seeeing eye dog I d_g .

Mona read the above notes and was,gasp! horrified . She fell backwards shouting the Lord has come, my Lord my Lord, has come back , come back come back come back come back come back and left us this country with no daisies and dogs to peel upon working our open oppositions and lie on the table like a song of her eyes her breast size filled the room on the table between the preposals of prepositions she was sung dame down.

"In this (h_)_essay, I wish to explore and compare some of the differences between the concept of deconstruction (Derrida) and the Deleuzoguattarian concept of reterritorialization-deterritorialization.------------------- PlEeeeeeeeeeeese

"In" the "process"
of doing this,
doing this
doing this
doing this doing this doing this this doing this this doing doing this

I will, in fact,




a schizoanalytic procedure

A Ritual a Ritual Bloodletting

or practice. Schizoanalysis,

and the procedure it invites and suggests,

is a counter-model proposed (when Jill proposed to Franny she was alreqady married by that did not matter as they were Sartre and Beauvoir and they were multiplcities of manysomes who lov ed manysomes )

by Deleuze and Guattari)

to replace

replace replac

replace your face

and displace



where you hearken
where you recondite
where you live

where you haunt


The schizoanalytic approach requires a combination of different concepts which, because of its style of thinking about words and things, will result in a praxis that illuminates new areas of thought in poetics, theory, and criticism. In particular,

I want to examine (you do, do you? smart alek)

how this process (How?? well How ? then??How how w How?)

can applied to an appreciative reading of poems.

Call this the desiring-machine and this essayist’s attempt to read the ‘little machine made of words’ (William Carlos Williams) as an act of poetic invention, retaliation and an effort to think of the economy of the text, and not of its structure or form.

This is not to suggest that structure or form are negligible, but that the economics of a text permeate all its structures; one might go on to say that they determine them. In pursuit of this deterritorialized deconstructed reading of texts, my text in addition to being a first proposal of such an event, will itself be the occasion of, and an instance of, the type of reading it proposes. It will read itself as a deconstruction reconstruction, reterritorialization deterritorialization (process). In the Deleuzoguattarian sense, this essay will become a desiring-machine.

However, I need to remind the reader that since ‘desiring-

machines only work when they break down’ (Guattari), the

processes described cannot help but embark both reader and writer, on a journey, that may have unpredictable outcomes.

But Mona Mona was a fraud! a bawd and a shame a shame a Maryjane with her skirts rolled around her thighs, a cheap falker of stalking beans of her body a glad halo of prose and monkey maims. Moan and Mona was not meant to be a plain

explained jane working toward the playful design of truth, yet made poetry of the out takes and not the outlook express of relatively benign and benighted corporations .

read this text to the end for microdaubs! dibs and drabsZZ!!
Duffy, Clifford The Poetics. Oxford U P, 1992.

1. the real question was

where the hellheaven was Klossowski her old father?

-----. A Duffy Reader: Between the Sheets. ed. Peggy Had Enuff. New York:
Columbia UP, 1991.
ToBreakall texts she shouted rom her toronto balcony and knew love was in site in sight insight in site of the 'view'ronto: U Toronto P, 1987.

What!! Cheers

are you a rhizome or a box
married divorced or between all the betweens
I am a GOod searcher and I am a knight of infinite faith!

We never submit to anything but love, certainly not having any desires to submit work we love to any whores of literatures and other middle class luxuries.

--------------------------- Come to my heaven there are many blossom . there. Here Bliss.

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