b w o

youneverreachreachyouneverreacheyouneverreachorgan. touchdown. breakball. limit shoot. slope. cup. of which is fare. come round again. hurried by its. people. some to wear. come roun the ville. its worncap on. it is a broader border than you say.

You never reach the Body without Organs, you can't reach it,
you are forever attaining it, it is a limit. People ask, So what is this BwO? - But you're already on it
have scorned to the knight. she beared. her beast.
, scurrying like vermin, grouping like a blind person, or running like a lunatic: desert traveller and nomad of the steppes. On it we sleep, live our waking lives, fight - fight and are fought - seek our place, experience untold happiness and fabulous defeats; on it we penetrate and are penetrated; on it we love. (DoG, 1987: 150)

IN yer Dog. On it we love. fabulous breath. indeed come to your chair.
yer sewn
so so so