Ah...Mister Guattari

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on recherche des événements ~ Poésie dans le recueil des poets schizoanalyst.

'Ah, par quelle délicatesse des chose notre livre se termine un 31 décembre (1971), afin de bien marquer que les fins sont les débuts. Ce travail est bien joli, marque de votre force créatrice a vous,
et de mon effort inventif et huileux"
Deleuze. lettre a Guattari, non date_ archive IMEC_
about the completion of Antioedipus
which was published in March of 1972

Non datee _ mais ~ written nearby

Reason is always a region cut out of the irrational--not sheltered
from the irrational at all, but a region traversed by the irrational
and defined only by a certain type of relation between irrational
factors. Underneath all reason lies delirium, drift. Everything is
rational in capitalism, except capital or capitalism itself.

[T]he decoding of flows in capitalism has freed, deterritorialized, and decoded the flows of code just as it has the others--to such a degree that the automatic machine has always increasingly internalized them in its body or its structure as a field of forces, while depending on a science and a technology, on a so-called intellectual labor distinct from the manual labor of the worker (the evolution of the technical object).
-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari
Anti-Oedipus (p.233)

The rhizome is an antigenealogy. It is a short-term memory or antimemory. The rhizome operates by variation, expansion, conquest, capture, offshoots. Unlike the graphic arts, drawing or photography, unlike tracings, the rhizome pertains to a map that must be produced, constructed, a map that is always detachable, connectible, reversible, modifiable, and has multiple entryways and exits and its own line of flight."

The middle is by no means an average; on the contrary, it is where things pick up speed. Between things does not designate a localizable relation going from one thing to the other and back again, but a perpendicular direction, a transversal moment that sweeps one and the other away, a stream without beginning or end that undermines its banks and picks up speed in the middle.

Speed in the Middle mister UbuAntiOedipus and she ran ran ran. Jill speaking to Felix all night. A s patients wander in the wood~ O it's nothing.

Jill goes pale.

The minimal real Unity is not the word, the idea, or the concept, nor the signifier, but the arrangement, the configuration. It is always an arrangement that produces utterances… The utterance is a product of arrangement, always collective, which puts into play, in us and outside of us, populations, multiplicities, territories, becomings, affects, events.