see thru this lens

Buchner Lenz—ask, "But can you not hear the dreadful screaming all around that people usually call silence?"
I wish I could hear silence .

Antioedipus is the reach antigone's brother, the bother of love. As when a speakeasy releasse its prisoners epic similar.power is not interested. in us.

Quand on aime il faut partir_ not sure how this work out. Tragic baloney! malarkey!. why must one leave when one love or is loved.

its precisely these sick neurotic ideas which be banished. this is not an economic idea, but a stingy one, one whose economy doesnt invite open outward gregarious generous. its this which is the result of having yer own self stolen.

its not poetic.but plasticene. death wish. disgusting.
anti life.