balance sheet

Hexcerpts from Félix Guattari, "Balance-Sheet Program for Desiring Machines," Chaosophy Plateau: New York: Semiotext[e], __ 1995 _______

"Oedipus will prompt a great many moans and whimpers yet. It will inspire research projects that are more and more unreal. It will continue to nourish dreams and phantasies. Oedipus is a vector: 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...Four is the famous fourth symbolical term, 3 is the triangulation, 2 is the dual images, 1 is narcissism, and 0 is the death instinct. Oedipus is the entropy of the desiring-machine, its tendency to external abolition." Yes,yes, it is so, dear lovers. of the Page and weeks. As when a bucket drops its entropy to end of terminus.