Félix Guattari :fELiX'S aNTIoEDiPUS pAPerS

What few believed the following ...?

""Few people" at the time believed, as they wrote in the often-quoted opening sentence of Rhizome, that “the two of us wrote Anti-Oedipus together. Since each of us was several, that became quite a crowd.”

"These notes addressed to Deleuze by Guattari, in preparation for Anti-Oedipus, and annotated by Deleuze, substantiate their claim, finally bringing out the factory behind the theatre. They "reveal" Guattari as an inventive, highly analytical, mathematically-minded “conceptor,” (to whom do they reveal this? )arguably one of the most prolific and enigmatic figures in philosophy and social-political theory today. But we knew this: who doubted it? A machine call'd paranoia descartes...

The Anti-Oedipus Papers (1969-1973) are supplemented by substantial journal entries describing his turbulent relationship with his analyst and teacher Jacques Lacan, his apprehensions about the publication of Anti-Oedipus and accounts of his personal and professional life as a private analyst and co-director with Jean Oury of the experimental clinic Laborde (created in the 1950s). "

As always this wee reviewee things don't really say right, much, eh?
they say something & then not say it.

I am not so sure of the "few people " referred to by this reviewer...who on earth is being spoken of here: I never had any doubts, nor did I care to have any. Paranoiac besiders ruining the party:questioning descartains with the split infinitives of theIr paranoia knowings... wink and nod ... sure sure......It s mostly academics and perhaps paranoiacs who were among this few.
Mona could have cared, less, Desiremachine Janine Macintosh, didnt even blink an eye, she'd been there. So perhaps this is all snorkle and firrors. Some one , apparently, had this thought, but not Deleuze. He says Guattari was already way of ahead, he says in Dialogues to Claire Parnet.
Felix Felflux the becomings cat was cool
as cool can be with his Radio Alice
and his work with Negri
and his work with Alliez
and so was Prof. Deleuze as everyone knew
with his long nails and epidermis so
tacit in the hands reaching across the table...
“Capitalism is the exterior limit of all societies because it has no exterior limit itself. It works well as long as it keeps breaking down.”