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Better the Critique.
Better than the rest of the PotBoiled Mania.
Lobsters my Arse!
the schizophrenic egg is like the bio... egg.. is that Bacon and eggs? sunny side up my stoic lo ver? must you test yerself always before giving yer body up to surrender its sweety sappy selves, its sussurruss? its susrusian? is . or . wait.
come to kellombs. .. eggs and stoics or nuns and buns. shes holding her cheers for the alacrity of the day that wont arrive, a Multitude then an Empire or in reVerSe order fear'd to le t squeamish self forward for fear of busting the barrel... Imperial Empire... no out the oat of the schizo my svelte borderliner ... yer eyes of narcissimmmo clamped down their panes in yer closing off. shop.. Palease end this Italian stalemate.... we're lookin at assemblages and machinces not machiennes... mon chine Mon China Mona China... Mon Chin my chin yer heart of skip boom boom tag...
better a waitress than a neurotic on the boader... Love's bitter gasp has always been yer bootin button...

Better Luckas than Saussure! or yer so sure? are you now, then get over and kiss my knees. What, get out of the 68 thing will ya? did U see what happened in Paris, last , yes, and this, yes and we have translationS of the recent reactionary comments of both the 68'serS and the 2005'ers. O in Paris it was very Dublin.
So then, get yer nose out of books.

"...for words are not symbols of things, they are symbols of meanings." --Lukacs
Fanny said one day to Jill as she was writing really really fast: Donc, and therefore, & shld. we admit mIlton and aRtaud to MillesPlateau which was the name of a nonprofit for artists poets ORgan and orregen assEmbLed by Bernad Pilon, Peter Dube and Clifford Duffy in the year of our Lordy and Lady in 1989. or the , rather the winter of, 1990. and produced one Show. Live PeRForMance Nietzsche's Daughter at les FouFounesElectriques 1991

Now Mona dont like the looks of this.
Neither does she. Or holding the baits, shes a crooked thief, or mercury monster, of his thighs.

to be contin.

Such is the bivallial and herstoryies of the schizos. her toe and slipper lugged for loverdoverdom.