Litttle Schizophrenenes

Why were the dividing spaces
Why were
the loves not matched?

*** ***** ***

I can't see it Saxophones and Double Bass (Alto)

Like Antioedipus
meditation on a fountain let's begin somewhere say like
title and

Why were his friends so nice? -- no one knew the reply, because
he got tired of saying answer or wait. And the skies grew colder each
dunny day -- clay like skin. Bend things and subjects rejects plural
bend. Or why were Anti's friends so courteous? -- they weren't. The sky
grew like clay of her moisturized face. Anyhow, like resentments and we
smoke the bit butt. Tomorrow the play of shields and a fox terrier.
Curling saxophone and sandals in the Sumerian estate and the fat climbing
the ice leading to a hyrophane speckled with limpid word cellars. Nom it
isn't always the first word. Light your mouth, i have disappointed my
friend -- a method is coming to a close...where did it go...where does it
go...the place birds go. And before the ice?...there are lamps here and
there, but the mood is gone and i am coming back finding my very own
travel, clue on the haphazard lip eyes mouth. Old letters here
deteriorate. We cannot listen or lose Electric the letters fade
fissioned people flew and flunked out the bass bounces off your temples
here we lost speech the articles of thought
the Ear
Oh half-man oedipus listen to the bar and bag of music go by the
tiger bait the curver at the bat is always like a french movie.
AntiOedipus went through the body without organs and felt nothing
returned and felt paradise and the wielding sparrow
went throught the body without disease

And half-oedipus isjust his other name than self which is the
real name for false dross and no beginnings and asphasiac memory disconnected