: desiringMachine

: desiringMachine

'Desiring-machines are the nonhuman sex,
the molecular machinic elements, their arrangements
and their synthesis, without which there would be neither
a human sex specifically determined in the large aggregates,
nor a human sexuality capable of investing these aggregates.'

Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus, 294 Obviously this is
english the ? english? is it language or territory
no is it deterritory? language of english summer night
mare horse ride gallop the plane Lisa the night
body of her gallop to these other legs of
what you call mine

A Mirror for a Mirror comes Picasso

he leaves the genitals out
but woman's breasts in

are breasts not genitals? how much of the body
is organed against the flow of flux?
all part half the genital of course
is the most organized the body withou t organs
deprived of breath by the phallic
the 'pathetic fallacy'! its hilarious
whereas Picasso's work this one
suggests a nearness to a mirror
playing back the cadet of song.

we need discursive reality too much,
that is our sickness

'And I don't explain because I hate common sense'
wrote Tristan Tzara in the 1918 text. To explain is
not the same as to give keys. One of the last words
of the Wake 'the keys given to'
last phrases rather
Rimbaud's 'the key is charity'
charitie in French, softer.

so this and so many more.

each morsel a tidbit in the mosaic.
not to strike out.
not to strike.

the painting speaks volumes
against the usual repressive
baloney of relationships
their deceit and lie
consisting of collusion
imposing on others your own suffering
forcing others to take on your sickness
via the passive role
the sickness is the one

described as 'the only sickness which consists of making
others sick ... Why these words . paranoia and schizophrenia, which are like talking birds and girls first names?

...Producing a product a producing /product identity..."the body is the body/ it is all by itself/ and has no need of organs/ the body is never an organism/organisms are the enemies of the body...

37 Rue Malar Paris

Even suffering, as Marx says, is a form of self-enjoyment. So you enjoy it, its fun.

The ego, however, is like daddy-mommy: the schizo has long since ceased to believe in it. ... Somewhere else, beyond, behind below these problems....
the neurotics pull
us as

as doctors, husbands and wives, as do shrinks, and others
the yanking into death of the shits

'I wont say I anymore Ill neer utter the word again its just too damn stupid. Every time I hear it, Ill use the third person instead.... the literalist of readings.. dont see Alcoholism is more fascistic than the organization that fights it ... Lotringer... and I discussing this, he says AA is fascistic, what does he know? 'analytic imperialism'

her breasts are small but I kiss them taking them
into my mouth as if a peach a tiny peach of
something something something she is sweet and
frightened of her own
prudence she s going to drive her self
to something not good for her
som e shrink game waiting the re
the whole bs of mental health

this machine is , this machine here, is the , a counter to that effect
and other s , other repressors and their guilts and shames..

'the dirty little secret' that is your love
trapped tatooed by the filth
of economizing ones life
better to die



I told her dont go down that hole
she went now shes a borderline of justification
and normalcy so she says in the works

life in death
dead people has always been mor e
numerous than living....

'our only sickness'