hailed by

to become a people to be hailed and becomed.historical group of desire

“The indiscernibility of the real and the imaginary, or of the present and the past, of the actual and the virtual, is definitely not produced in the head or in the mind, it is the objective characteristic of certain existing images which are by nature double. “- Gilles Deleuze: Cinema 2 The Time Image __

People sometimes criticize us for being
words to be trendy
That's not just malicious it's stupid.
A concept sometimes needs
a new word to express it,
sometimes it uses
an every day word
that gives
it a singular sense.

IN other words, C'est un sotisse!

Pathetic companions who can barely murmer, go,with your extinguished lamps, and give back the jewels.A new mystery sings in your bones. Develop your legitimate strangeness."
Rene Char, "Partage Formel"