prary teller||nomad least

Reminder to Other of NonFiction Assemblages

'pray parry prary"

Dear People do not force a repression. Pray tell how your charming
plateaus of text are elements of the Fictions of Deleuze and
Guattari? Are these expository ravings and dingling discourses
fictions? are they sense creating machines?

This space is a place of work and play: the continuing Fictions of
Deleuze and Guattari that Fictional Biography. Each posting moves
over/across older and newe/r/unreal/real/the pseudo destiny of the
name/fictional email/the handle all the names in historyThe series
of fictions - known also the Fictions of Jill, Mona and Franny, are
written by Clifford Duffy, remains hers || his. A
fictional deterritorialing prose poem. A knight of infinite leap and
faith__________________But not That 'faith' Rather the action & faith of becomings is the kind ~

write to

"Write to the nth power, N-1, write with slogans: Form rhizomes and
not roots, never plant! Don't sow, forage! Be neither a One nor a
Many, but multiplicities! Form a line, never a point! Speed
transforms the point into a line. Be fast, even while standing
still! Line of chance, line of hips, line of flight. Don't arouse
the General in yourself! Not an exact idea, but just as idea
(Godard). Have short-term ideas. Make maps, not photographs or
drawings. Be the Pink Panther, and let your loves be like the wasp
and the orchid, the cat and the baboon. As they sing of old man

He don't plant tatos
Don't plant cotton
Them that plants them is soon

But old man river he just keeps rollin


A rhizome doesn't begin and doesn't end, but is always in the
middle, between things, interbeing, intermezzo."

from Rhizome

sell out and/or explode

At least spare us sublimation. Every writer is a sellout. The only
literature is that which places an explosive device in its package,
fabricating a couterfeit currency, causing the superego and its form
of expression to explode, as well as the market value of its form of

Anti-Oedipus (p.134)