some friends and |an d Mine

I was with Satie and we saw Amedeo before he dropped dead, she had sent hima final email __ it was too much too late __ O geepers let's end all of this tragic goat! I said and hugged her in the rain!

my friend Modigliani is tender but died of alcoholism. /But look at her crossed hands __ she reminds

__ in those days I was writing a poem __


the Modigliani Montparnasse Poems. Gerald Locklin __. Posted by Hello

my friend deChirco __ makes me happy when the world. Posted by Hello

when you were with me
in the 20's sweet heart we were lovers
happier than buckets in the rain
luckier than tickets in the conductor's hands
I kissed you then
recalling that that was what lovers do

look my secret love
rhizomer beneath the tunnel

its okay I do and always did

makingthe beast with two backs
it's tricky all__ways

ways of beast ways of beast
two back
two beast back
two two
too too
to to

but who are ye?
when ye think of me?

twobeastI Kiss ye


"Desire in itself is not a desire to love, but a force to love, a virtue that gives and produces, that engineers.( For what is
in life still desire life? Who would wnat to call that
a desire?)

But desire must turn back against itself in the name of a horrible Ananke, the Ananke of the weak and depressed,
the contagious neurotic Ananke; desire must
produce its shadow or its monkey,
and find a strange articifical force for
vegetating in the void,
at the heart of its own lack.
For better days to come? It must _
but who talks in this way?

what abjectness _ become a desire to be loved,
and worse,
a sniveling desire
to have been loved ,
a desire born of its own frustration:
no, daddy-mommy didn't love me enough.

Sick desire stretches out on the couch,
an artificial swamp, a little earth, a little mother ..." A/O 333-4.

Antioedipus had enuff of that shite
busted his gape
won the gurl
riddled her shoes
with bellybuttons.