1917 Zurich

Psychoanalysis is a dangerous disease, it puts to sleep the antiobjective impulses of man and systematizes the bourgeoisie. There is no ultimate Truth…

Logic imprisoned by the senses is an organic disease. To this element philosophers always like to add: the power of observation. But actually this magnificent quality of the mind is the proof of its impotence…
                            Carry on, my children, humanity… Science says we are the servants of nature: everything is in order, make love and bash your brains in. Carry on, my children, humanity, kind bourgeois and journalist virgins.
                                                                                                   I am against systems, the most acceptable system is on principle to have none. To complete oneself, to perfect oneself in one’s own littleness, to fill the vessel with one’s individuality, to have the courage to fight for and against thought, the mystery of bread, the sudden burst of an infernal propeller into economic lilies.

Tristan Tzara, from Dada Manifesto (1918) ________________________________ this says it all! Tristan Tzara, from Dada Manifesto (1918) __________________________________________________________________