heft and wean

How to hold all these disjunctive syntheses together?________________Ao _you dont let them fall where they do as when a monkey rips a sheet of paper off. and the night is a sullen banker. Not a bunker Anti shes ripped and ropped her head____ off. This way every ragged edge's a piece of paper holding.
(Franny holding sheet of paper to head blazoned with troupes of bodies and body. And body)

So then ______________if the epistles of the letters come along fine ___________does it  signify  that's it come to its unconcluding postscript Mister Kierkegaarrrrrrrrrrd??????????

Anti Is Antioedipus in prose and fiction. So it comes. To the fore that all things are went.   ~In the coming  Master of  and going .    ~./ And simple to see   ~

___________________________Put a  pause on that loveydovey   ~


1-800 - ANtiOeDipus


1-800-AntiOEdiPus __ break the party line of seven _dial 8 ___ 9 _10 numbers ~ See your future along the enzyme lines of future beginnings ___Ooopss _ an  11? keep that party going flip the patty  ~ schizo ring to yr skirt  ~ delta dialing   ~ speak to the beta ghost of Felix dressing the pageof disjunctive synthesis 

                                                                                                                                                                                        Anti comes along fine . She's worn the skirt long enough.here's her poem. cut rates for all gods. denude origin O friend! keep your hair on fire! your hysteria is beautiful   ~ ________________________
She zing the place
she zing 
she zing
the place
Antioedipus face