... has that ... day

______________You went to madhouse where the .alcoholics were .tired they were of drinking. however, you were schizio. yer prb. was the something else. what could 'they ' unknow with (the) decomposed field of addiction?

                An exemplary poem of wish and want. the coming of deinstitutionalization as when                  Guattari spoke at the Douglas Hospital.                               I t was a rainy day. the night was a warn woof.
I heard nothing after from paris. I cam e alive. end the therapy dictatorship. thousands let                    go from hospitals                       wanting and aimless in                            streets of Verdun and other poor working class distrcits.                          medicated                to the eyeball                            an arse.

____________Mona moves out of the alcoholic territory. Tired of hearing her own talk. yes, indeed. she is.

  • drug addicts ruin everything they're not compliant 
deinstitutionalization was a cruel example of deterritorialization

A ... has that ... day


From Structure to Rhizome


From Structure to Rhizome

Transdisciplinarity in French thought, 1945 to the present: histories, concepts, constructions

Ciné Lumière, The French Institute
17 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2DT
tel. 020 7073 1350

16 & 17 April 2010

In the final decades of the twentieth century, the ‘great books’ of postwar French theory transformed study in the humanities in the Anglophone world. These books were all, in one way or another, transdisciplinary in character. Yet their reception has primarily taken place in an array of specific disciplinary contexts, isolated from a broader understanding of the intellectual dynamics, forms, significance and innovative potential of transdisciplinarity itself. This conference aims to redress this situation. Each speaker will reflect on the transdisciplinary functioning of a single concept in French thought since 1945, with respect to a founding text, a particular thinker or a school of thought.-------------------------------


Éric Alliez (CRMEP, Middlesex University)


Etienne Balibar (University of Paris X/Irvine UC)


Andrew Barry (Oxford University)


Tom Conley (Harvard University)


François Cusset (University of Paris X)


Patrick Guyomard (University of Paris VII)

'Object a'

Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond (University of Nice)


Alain de Libera (EPHE, Paris/University of Geneva)


Peter Osborne (CRMEP, Middlesex University)


Michèle Riot-Sarcey (University of Paris VIII)


Stella Sandford (CRMEP, Middlesex University)


£45 / £20 students (free to members of the CRMEP, but booking is essential)

Advance registration: please write to Tom Eyers, at TE122[at]mdx.ac.uk.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘ Middlesex University’. Send to: Prof. Peter Osborne, CRMEP, Middlesex University, Trent Park campus, Bramley Road, London N14 4YZ, United Kingdom.

Supported by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy


------------ Antioedipus talks to to the schizoanalyst Mona shares her wealth.....

------------Antioedipus talks to  to the schizoanalyst
Mona shares her wealth. Her figures

are becoming figures of becoming
speech. Thus the pedal of thought.

Anti goes home. Jerks off fucks Frreud's wife
Mama! Mama! he's hearing Sister Maria Buttocks and the white moth of roses
rogue prosed by her darling posies and.

Change your Earl her cried. 

The pharmacist was too cute, trying so hard. She wanted. To become Someone else _ the astronaut pehraps a millionaire in outer space working off the dead rancor and resentment he'd created for the poor of his county? his petty fleur deflag was shit on the epoxy gown of determination and the blustering of clowns in out er space and the limits of time. Not a quantum that was, and not possibly a quantum leap,

but a black Hole of the worst sort: 

a rich man's asshole in the spiderdawn of time