guattari parle a vincennes 1975

ours à l'Université de Vincennes 1975-76

--------------------- there are momenti in it when voice of Felix melt[s]into that of Prof. Deleuzo > but never completely always as his fire of desire high pitched intelligent warrio. r yes. Warrior of thought. nomad . de intelligence ~ beauté d' intelligence . maybe like a lover, i've never met. but thought about everyday ~|i mean just at the start when deleuze is moving off screen so guattari comes to fron ~

its sweet to see this on today whichhappened to be also the birthday of Mister Jill Deleuze. as dance was saunter to philosopher and schizoanalysis ~ as intelligence ~ cest la beauté and the night marches as a phosophorescent candle ~



roseblow in rose flu in rose its which heart crows across land seeking fright as AntiOedipus galvanized her geeze fast talking speed-o-dial lovers who then and now merried night's witch.