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which seminars did you? I was at last ones. Yes. with Genevieve. you never told me that. you never asked. and the promenade with Clare? Hmm well that be another narrative.It was a certain lady B...before her time was rolling spoken into the dust of desire

Extrait d'un cours de Gilles Deleuze filmé à Vincennes par Marielle Burkhalter.

les splendeurs de delires.... etce... ahgggggggggggggggsz

orging her thumb to antigone... taxied to dancer ... was

antigone giveth parlez vous en francais les jeunes amants ca brise comme les amants de ...leman lewomban... alors alor... Orphee descende tres vites. .. Ca bouge, non? ... alor... alors... on voir ... les choses... rorphee descende antigone goneorpheedecelle les parapluies et ici on voit des choses ... tres clair... tres Clare...


Couleurs d'antioedipe

Antioedipus colour limit? limned
when Anti see she see territoire. marque. marquee. désir sans corps, et corps sans desir, ou machine sans corps sans dessin! et sans Dasein!

When we see how an animal marks its territory ... which is involved in the marking of its territory, ... it is a series of postures, a variety of colors, songs, [..], there are the three determinations of art. Colors, lines, songs, it is art in its purest form ! When they come out of their territory, or when they come back into their territory, the territory ... is the properties of the animal, and to leave the territory is to venture into an unknown country. Therefore, with Felix [...] we built a concept that I like very much. Because the territory is defined only by the movement through which it is left, we need a word, even it is seemingly barbaric, to describe this concept. This is the concept of dis-territorialization. [...]

sometimes necessary to invent a word, in order to reflect a new concept. And this new concept is that there is no territory without a way to leave it. There is no exit, no dedeisterritorialization without an effort to re-rere-re-territorialize elsewhere.... Yes yes, what

And what fascinates me here is the whole area of the signs, reception of signs, utterance of signs that this territory implements. The animal, for me, is fundamentally a being on the lookout, (

Claire Parnet: "As the writer ?
. . The writer is on the lookout yes, the philosopher is on the lookout, it's terrible ... this existence on the lookout ... he writes for readers, . . "for" . . it means two things, it means "intend to" and "in place of". [...] When we wrote it is not a small private affair ... it is embarking on a universal affair ... it is pushing language and syntax to a certain limit, the limit that separates the language of silence, of music, of something that would be . . the whining [...................]"


Guattari on....

Guattari once wrote I have seen many travellos. He referred to the travel along body without organs.
I too hve seen thus. Also seen numerous arseholes, paranoiacs, and those who are parasites. Little oedipii cacas coming along the body without organs try stealing energy. depressives, paranoiacs. crybabye.

Moi _ Je Je suis multiple.

My work 's never been a literary machine as such.


letter of guy debo[a]rderer to Antioedipus _ the secret collection!

Dear Radio -- you have upset this guy who thinks he is
like Deleuze. Now you see he is comparing himself with
Deleuze and being paranoiac by quoting a letter. As if
we had not read that book a long time ago. Radio you
are not spam as he says, but you are doing the good
things for the list. This guy, this american
translator he wants to be a big thinker and be like
Prof. Deleuze. He's not and some real thinkers would
not be so proud and compare with their egos the same
one as Deleuze. That is nuts and paranoiac! Its more
good he tries to think about the Holy Grail of that
British comdeian who made the Holy Grail .. It's where
he found that quotation in his letter. I dont know why
you say all that to Eldorra but its cool. But dont be
shy to tell us more stuff, gossip and stories about
those guys and some women too who said shit about
Guttari and Deleuze. You know a latin translater is
not so important as his thing he was translating....
But me, I never even read this guy who wrote back mad
to you. But you must be right, because he sounds like
a resentful guy with no real jobs to accomplish on the
highest levels.



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