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"Desiring-machines are the nonhuman sex,<
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the molecular machinic elements, their arrangements
and their synthesis, without which there would be neither
a human sex specifically determined in the large aggregates,
nor a human sexuality capable of investing these aggregates...

Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus, 294=plateaus 1972

Desiring-machines are the nonhuman sex,

the molecular machinic elements, their arrangements
and their synthesis, without which there would be neither
a human sex specifically determined in the large aggregates,
nor a human sexuality capable of investing these aggreg

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Terrrrible alphabet of memory
Nietzche says: it is a matter of creating a memory for man; and man, who was constituted by means of an active faculty of forgetting, by means of a repression of biological memory, must create an other memory, one that is collective, a memory of words and no longer a memory of things, a memory of signs and no longer of effects. This organization, which traces its signs directly on the body, constitutes a system of cruelty, a terrible alphabet....

he family is at the same time an anus that retains, a voice that resounds, and a mouth that consumes: its very own three syntheses, since it is a matter of connecting desire to the ready-made objects of social production. Go buy madelines in Combray if you really want to feel the vibration. _______________________

desire of a despot's desire
[T]he signifier is merely the deterritorialized sign itself. The sign made letter. Desire no longer dares to desire, having become a desire of desire, a desire of the despot's desire. The mouth no longer speaks, it drinks the letter. The eye no longer sees, it reads. The body no longer allows itself to be engraved like the earth, but postrates itself before the engravings of the despot, the region beyond the earth, the new full body.
-- G.Deleu

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JILL SAID :Anality does not represent a lower requiring conversion to a higher. It is the anus itself that ascends on high, under the conditions (which we must analyze) of its removal from the field, conditions that do not presuppose sublimation, since on the contrary >sublimation results from them.

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It is not the anal that presents itself for sublimation, it is sublimation in its entirety that is anal; moreover, the simplest critique of sublimation is the fact that it does not by any means rescue us from the shit

FANNY FELT only the mind is capable of shitting). "Anality is all the

greater once the anus is disinvested. The libido is indeed the essence of desire; but when the libido becomes abstract quantity, the elevated and disinvested anus produces the global persons and the specific egos that serve this same quantity as units of measure

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Fresh faced .... chronic smokers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

again self conscious investing the libido cathexing the shiving of death. Captial schizophrenia my pal, the temple of gloomy goblination. Personifictation

1972 _ year of Reading Artaud , so yer knight's a day

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: Colloque L'anti-oedipe [Poiters, 2005]

the machines are not metaphors. they knock metaphor. out.of place. assemblage. neither figurative nor in the proper sense are we speaking of machine.... machine are the form of multiplicity?

Département de Philosophie organise dans le cadre des activités communes du master du Sud-Ouest de la France un workshop sur l'Anti-Oedipe de Deleuze et Guattari (avec François Zourabichvili, Anne Sauvagnargues, François Dosse, Stéphane Nadaud, Charles Ramond, Pierre Montebello, Jean-Christophe Goddard).

Date : 02 et 03 décembre 2005

Coupure-flux, désir et production, N. CORNIBERT
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Capitalisme et schizophrénie, F. CAEYMAEX
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Le corps sans organes, P. MONTEBELLO
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Territoires du capitalisme, C. MIHALI et E. CIOC -Questions/Réponses
Le mode d'écriture de l'anti-Oedipe, A. BOUANICHE
Le mode d'écriture de l'anti-Oedipe, F. ZOURABICHVILI
Table ronde -F. DOSSE -S. NADAUD -Questions/Réponses

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hans richter filmstudy 1926

l'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Berlin (1908), puis à l'Académie de Weimar (1909).
En 1916, Hans Richter arrive à Zurich et adhère au mouvement Dada. Dans la foulée d’Eggeling et de Walter Ruttmann il commence à travailler sur le support animé.
Il sera proche De Stijl à Berlin dans les années vingt. Une première phase d’expérimentation se termine avec Film Studie (1926), c'est un cinéma purement abstrait. Par la suite il se rapproche des surréalistes dans un film comme Vormittagspuk (Jeux de chapeaux , 1928). Après l’avènement du nazisme Richter dut se cantonner dans les films publicitaires, puis il se réfugia en U.R.S.S.
Il continua sa carrière aux États Unis à partir de 1940

where he died in 1976, dig that mIster Antioedipus
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Interview de l'artiste et philosophe Michel Journiac sur le sujet du syndrome de désynchronisation chronique suivit d'un commentaire du Pr.Frougniac sur les dangers de cette maladie.


TealArt » Deleuzeian: Desiring Machines

At a glance interesting work being done by this person. I swept over it fast. Mona, say go yes, yes go . Its here there, and teal yer tea.Intelligence is always good, as rewarding to shovel the deep out.

TealArt » Deleuzeian: Desiring Machines: "Deleuzeian: Desiring Machines by tycho garren @ 08 June 2007 • add to del.icio.us • zero comments Categorization: The Academy This is the second installment in my ongoing series on Anti-Oedipus by Giles Delueze and Felix Guattari. For more information read the Introduction and my_ first installment regarding a part Foucault’s preface to the book. I didn’t want to spend too much time going over “old territory” (for me) in Anti Oedipus, but I think a little bit more of background would be helpful as we produce. I’ve tried to pull out the parts of the first chapter that really stuck with me, now, almost a year after I read them for the first time. This post introduces Deleuze and Guatteri’s ideas about desiring production, recording machines, and breakages. These, at least to me, are the fundamental ideas from chapter one1, and some of the most useful ideas that I carried with me as I went on to read further in the book. First off, desire and production. This stuff is the foundation of their Marx/Freud synthesis, and I think rather than unproblematically append parts of Freud to Marx (or vice versa), they treat psychoanalysis with the kind of skepticism that it deserves, and are able to establish a very workable “common language.”

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